Future Prospects for the iOS App Development Outsourcing Industry

Future Prospects for the iOS App Development Outsourcing Industry

The consumer today is much more tech-savvy than ever before. They, therefore, have very high expectations from mobile applications, in terms of their efficiency and performance. This is especially true of iPhone users. And, if you’re wondering why you should focus on iPhone users, here’s something you should know.

According to the figures released by Statcounter, the market share of iOS stands at 54.4% in the United States, as compared to the 45.05% of Android. In fact, IDC has raised its forecast for iOS-based smartphone sales to 240.4 million units in 2018, worldwide.

Having said that, the reality is that mobile applications available for the iOS operating system total about 2 million, while Android apps stand at a whopping 3.8 million at the end of Q1 2018, according to the data provided by Statista. And, this is despite Apple’s App Store pre-dating Google Play Store by a year.

The bottom line then is that an iPhone app development company has a lot to look forward to in terms of reducing this gap. However, Apple is very stringent about the apps it allows on its App Store. This is why businesses that wish to target iPhone users find it much more feasible to outsource their app needs to an iOS app development company, rather than trying to build apps in-house.

So, the future of the iOS App development outsourcing industry appears bright too. Here’s a look at what this industry has to offer businesses:

Benefits of Outsourcing iOS App Development

Reduction in Training Costs

Since it is a very time-consuming and effort-intensive task to code an app from scratch, unless one is well-trained in the coding procedure, the app is likely to fail or take too long to perfect. On the other hand, when you spend time training in-house staff, in all probability, technology would have moved on by the time the training is over, making their learning obsolete. On the other hand, outsourcing iPhone application developers is a cost-effective alternative, which brings down not just training costs but also time to market for the app.

Improved Efficiency

By outsourcing application development, businesses also gain a professional approach. The developers have the skill and the experience to create the most effective design and implement the app such that it will be both user-friendly and feature-rich.

Business Growth

Outsourcing to an iPhone app development company will also lower the burden on the business, which can then focus more on their core areas to grow the business. This would improve the overall quality of their offerings, as well as their app, which is necessary for business success.

Technological Advancement

Technology is consistently and rapidly evolving. By outsourcing, you are actually harnessing the knowledge of experts, who pride themselves in staying abreast of every technological advancement. In short, what you gain is an edge over your competitors.

Mitigating Risk

Trained professionals take a strategic approach while developing an application. In addition, the likelihood of bugs and failures are less likely, given the rigorous testing that is undertaken during development.

The Approach to Outsourcing

After the decision to outsourcing has been made, it is necessary to decide whom you wish to outsource to. Previously, there was only the traditional approach, where the iPhone app development company would code from scratch. While this method is great for developing innovative apps, the coding process could take months, following which rigorous testing would be required to ensure that the app is error-free. By the time the application is ready to be deployed, your competitors would have already released a product capable of performing similar tasks or the technology used for the app might have become obsolete.

To overcome this delay caused during the development cycle, the best iOS app development companies today are opting for the low-code Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP). This is a new concept for outsourcing application development. It is a powerful platform that provides efficient mobility solutions. It consists of hundreds of pre-configured modules that are tested to be bug-free and include industry best practices.

MADP also offers huge flexibility to develop 100% customized apps, according to the specific workflow of a business. With a simple drag and drop approach, app developers use the module best suited for a specific business to add pre-connected technology components and functionalities. If some further changes are required that are not available in the suite of tools on the platform, the developer can request for those change from the MADP developer. This approach offers not just hassle-free app development but deployment that 10 times faster than the traditional approach.

Features of MADP

  • Early Deployment: Due to the presence of pre-coded modules, an extremely professional and unique app can be created in the shortest possible time. This gives a huge advantage for the business in the market.
  • Compatibility: The platform is capable of creating cross-platform applications. Applications designed for iOS can then also be operated on Android devices, with just some minor adjustments.
  • Personalization: Post the automated section, apps are customized to suit the business’s unique requirements and organizational structure.
  • Client Involvement: The client is involved in every step of the application development process, giving them total control over the end-product.
  • Professional Assistance: If some additional feature is required by the clients, professional assistance can be accessed via the MADP. A team would be assigned to cater to the client’s needs.
  • Competitive Edge: As they say, time is money. So, faster deployment using modules that are pretested to be bug-free will only help businesses gain an edge over the competition, most of whom are still using the slow, traditional iPhone app developers.

Outsourcing of any project increases the likelihood of its success, with consistent supervision from domain experts. This is why the right combination of a skilled iPhone app development company and the MADP platform can help businesses maximize their growth potential.

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